Band Members

Chop Pitman - Lead Guitar

Chop Pitman

Doug Sampson - Drums

Doug Sampson

Dilian Arnaudov - Vocals

Dilian Arnaudov

Tony Hatton - Bass Guitar

Tony Hatton

Chop Pitman - Lead Guitar

Chop Pitman - Lead Guitar

Chop has done sessions with many diverse artists including Doug Sampson (Iron Maiden) Sam Sampson (Sam Apple Pie) Alex Faulkner and Jez Coad (Simple Minds ). He formed Airforce with Doug and the others after jamming with Doug and Iron Maidens very own Steve Harris.

Doug Sampson - Drums

Doug Sampson - Drums

I was 14 when I got my first drum kit and started practicing all the time. My first band was the Jets formed with friends. We played a few gigs . Then I answered an ad In a music magazine for a rock drummer. When I went to the audition the bass player was A bloke by the name of Steve Harris. We got on well and played good together. I got the job and stayed till Steve decided to leave to form his own band we now know today as Iron Maiden. He asked if I was interested in joining but declined the offer at that time. I later joined an Eagle's style band called Janski which was not for me long term and eventually left. Some time later Steve was playing the Bridghouse . Later that night he asked if I would now be interested in joining. I joined him and Dave Murry and started rehearsing for the next 6 months.Then we recorded the Sound house tapes We built up up quite a big following in a very short period of time .I left Dec 79 due to health issues. Then I met up with Chop and got Airforce together along with Tony Hatton and my brother Sam. The band disbanded after a some years. After 25 years we reformed the original line up with new vocalist Dilian Arnodov and that is where we are today.we are now recording and gigging regularly.

Dilian Arnaudov - Vocals

Dilian Arnaudov - Vocals

Career Start

Dilian Arnaudov (Denutarys) started his career as a vocalist in 1996 when he formed the Metal band SJK (which stands for smokejack kill). The following years have seen the band make highly successful live shows and special appearances.

The aggressive multi-octave vocal range and specific style definitely reveal his preferences to the harder trends in the modern Heavy Metal.

1999 - First Album

In 1999 Dilian produced the first SJK album named "Euthanasia" writing both music and lyrics. Dilian was recognized as a songwriter when he became a member of BMI in 2000.

2000 to 2008

The highlights in his career with SJK were the "Metal 2000" festival at "Academic" stadium in Sofia as an opening act for Motorhead, the "Arena Muzika" festivals in 2004 and 2005 supporting W.A.S.P. and Megadeth and "Kaliakra Rock Fest" 2007 opening for Motorhead for a second time.

Dilian started to work on the second SJK's album "The Metal Chronicles Part I" in 2004 co-operating with the guitar player Stefan Stefanov. The album was released in 2005.

A huge turning point for him was joining the British Heavy Metal band Nephwrack in the beginning of 2008. The EP Fall Of Empires was recorded and released in June 2008. The band had a lot of gigs and successful festival appearances.

2010 to 2016

In 2010 Dilian and Nephwrack have parted ways. The split was amicable, they shared the same vision for the band, but had two different approaches which, in the end, could not be reconciled.
Dilian then joined another British Heavy Metal band called Snake Eyes in 2010 after meeting them a few months before, sharing the same vision of what Snake Eyes should be, Heavy Metal in the Highest Order! Soon after that he started his own project called KILLERA along with the guitar player Venelin Andreev.

In 2012 Dilian quit Snake Eyes to join the Thrash Metal band Day 40 and started working on their debut album along with its founder - the guitarist Den Dimitrov, the master mind of the band. The band released Only The Stones Remain album in 2014 and shot their first video called Naturicide.

In 2016 Dilian was officially announced as a frontman of the British Classic Rock band AIRFORCE. The band reunited in its original line up with the original members Chop Pit (Guitar), Tony Hatton (Bass) and Doug Sampson on the drums (best known as the drummer for Iron Maiden from 1977 to 1979). AIRFORCE are currently rehearsing and writing new material for the upcoming album.

Tony Hatton - Bass Guitar

Tony Hatton - Bass Guitar


Tony began his musical career aged 16 when with a group of school friends, and took up playing Bass Guitar in his first Band,Pure Alcohol, playing a mixture of covers and original material.

Tony and Chop Team Up

Tony teamed up with Chop Pitman and drummer Mick Dietz circa 1979 and became the Bass Guitarist for the Rock Band EL-34.
Following the break-up of EL - 34, Tony and Chop along with ex-Iron Maiden Drummer Doug Sampson. formed Airforce. Airforce enjoyed moderate early success without any of Airforce’s Studio recordings officially being released.

Other Pursuits

When Airforce disbanded, Tony pursued several business interests but always remained involved to some degree in music. This continued musical involvement was with several bands,and Tony reformed his early Band Pure Alcoholon occasion for one offshows.

Tony was joined in Pure Alcohol by Pete Franklin on Guitar and Vocals,and Jeff Braithwaite on Drums, ( both of Chariot fame ) and /or by Mick Dietz on Drums and Gary Sims on vocals, Gary and Mick both from the earlier EL- 34 line up.


In 2015, when Airforce, contributed a track ("War Games") to the "Origins of Iron" compilation Album, which led to the follow up Airforce debut Album, “Judgement Day”being released in July 2016, the original Airforce musical line-up was reunited.

The current Airforce line-up of Doug Sampson, Chop Pitman & Tony Hatton is now complete with the addition of Vocalist Dillian Arnaudov.

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